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2017 Sweepstakes Winners!

The United Way of Inner Wisconsin Prize Patrol was busy from December 7-14, delivering five $1,000 cash prizes to unsuspecting winners!  To qualify, these winners needed to make a first-time $26+ gift to United Way of Inner Wisconsin; or increase their gifts by $26 over their 2016 donation. This year’s winners were:  Carl Hilke of WFHR/WLJY; Elizabeth Ironside of Aspirus; Dale Ninneman of Solarus; Robert Schmid of WestRock; and Paul Siekert of Fey Printing

“We’d like to thank all the winners for supporting United Way,” said Tari Jahns, United Way of Inner Wisconsin’s CEO.  “Some of the winners were first-time givers and some increased their donations.  Whichever way they qualified, these winners are helping to make an impact in our communities.  Of course the real winners are the 31 partner programs, six coalitions and eight initiatives we support.  Thanks to everyone in the community – volunteering and making financial contributions – we can make our communities a great place to live!”

United Way of Inner Wisconsin thanks the sponsors of the 2017 $1,000 cash prizes:  Aspirus, Heartland Farms, River Cities Bank and Timber Shores.   




Photo caption:  (from left) Tari Jahns (United Way CEO), Katie Peters (Campaign Chair), Carl Hilke (WFHR/WLJY), Pam Hilke (WFHR/WLJY) and James Malouf (WFHR/WLJY).








Photo caption:  (from left) Tari Jahns (United Way CEO), Lisa Skibba (Aspirus), Elizabeth Ironside (Aspirus), Katie Peters (Campaign Chair) and Jessica Fox (Aspirus).







Photo caption:  (from left) Nicole Pemble (Solarus and United Way Board President), Tari Jahns (United Way CEO), Jamey Lysne (Solarus), Katie Peters (Campaign Chair), Briel Kohl (River Cities Bank), Dale Ninneman (Solarus), Nate Quinnell (River Cities Bank), and Brian Ashbeck (River Cities Bank).







Photo caption:  (from left) Tari Jahns (United Way CEO), Bob Schmid (WestRock), Katie Peters (Campaign Chair) and Shalina Schumer (WestRock).







Photo caption:  (from left) Scott Gasch (Fey Printing), Katie Peters (Campaign Chair), Tari Jahns (United Way CEO), Paul Siekert (Fey Printing), Tami Barber (Aspirus) and Luann Martinson (Fey Printing).