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Tari Jahns, CEO United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties 

Because of you, United Way is making a great impact in our community – changing lives of those around us each and every day.  Without you, our loyal and generous donors, none of our work would be possible.  We could not deliver the programming, build coalitions or support initiatives and have the impact we have without you!  The companies, donors and volunteers we work with demonstrate a culture of values; caring power, compassion and commitment to making our community a better place.  So what does all of your generosity mean for the community?  United Way is able to:

  • Focus on Community Impact and advance our Agenda for Change
  • Support 11 community initiatives
  • Help fund 31 partner programs 
  • Offer two of our own programs; Volunteer Center and 2-1-1
  • Community Coalitions - our ability to be the convener allows for coalition building – working toward systemic change.  This change is long term, not always easily measured, but always impactful.

For more information on these programs, initiatives and coalitions please visit our website at  Thank you for your donation – thank you for changing lives – because of you, our community is a better place!