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75 Reasons To Give


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  1. The need has never been greater and can't be ignored.
  2. Helps more than 25,000 people each year.
  3. We are a community.
  4. Life changes unexpectedly.
  5. If there was ever a time to give, it's now.
  6. If not you, then who?
  7. You may have little, others have less.
  8. It impacts future generations (and yours, too!).
  9. Help strengthen our community for 75 more years.
  10. What kind of people would we be if we didn't help our neighbors?
  11. It inspires others to do the same.
  12. The community belongs to all of us.
  13. It's a wise investment guaranteed to produce results.
  14. Someone has given to you.
  15. No child should go to bed hungry.
  16. You are a part of the community’s next generation of leaders.
  17. Just $1 a week for one year provides school supplies for five students.
  18. In an instant, you could become the person in need.
  19. Improving one life at a time has a ripple effect
  20. Every child deserves a safe home.
  21. Quality early childhood education increases a child's chances of going to college.
  22. Because no one should have to pay full price for prescriptions.
  23. Because you may not even realize all that you have.
  24. The cost of one $3 latte per day for a year feeds a family of four for four months.
  25. What we have in common is greater than what divides us.
  26. When children learn to read, their future is open wide.
  27. It's the easiest way to contribute to our community.
  28. It sets a good example for your children (and their children).
  29. 35% of food pantry participants have jobs, but can't afford to feed their families.
  30. You have a genuine desire to help others.
  31. Strong families = a strong community.
  32. Make lemonade out of lemons.
  33. You believe in the good in people. 
  34. Mentor a whole community at once.
  35. Be part of the solution.
  36. We're building strong, healthy children.
  37. It takes a village.
  38. It builds employee morale and teamwork.
  39. Gives babies a healthy start.
  40. We all need help at times.
  41. It's good for business.
  42. People are counting on you.
  43. It gives people hope. It gives you hope.
  44. Food pantries report a 10% increase in the number of people seeking assistance.
  45. Because it says something about you.
  46. Give once to impact many issues and thousands of people. 
  47. Domestic violence is just not acceptable.
  48. Who doesn't love a tax deduction?
  49. Because you can.
  50. It provides resources to make parents stronger.
  51. Our future depends on us.
  52. Each of us contributes to the overall greater good.
  53. We all need independence and self-sufficiency.
  54. You have a desire to leave a lasting positive imprint.
  55. It never goes out of style.
  56. Because you are a leader.
  57. There are no guarantees in life.
  58. The sum is greater than the individual parts.
  59. We are at a make or break point in history.
  60. Giving back makes life more meaningful.
  61. This year, more people than ever need help.
  62. You or someone you know was helped by United Way.
  63. When adults are gainfully employed, they walk a little taller.
  64. Giving is receiving in its purest form.
  65. It's good for your heart.
  66. It's a risk-free way to be a hero.
  67. The voice of many is much stronger than the voice of one.
  68. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
  69. You can make a difference.
  70. It will make you a better citizen.
  71. It feels good. It does good.
  72. Kids in after-school programs are less likely to get into trouble with the law.
  73. United Way only invests in accountable programs that produce results.
  74. The more you give, the more you receive.
  75. You care.