About Us



United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.

We are more than fundraisers.
We are hand raisers.
We raise our hands not only to lead the fight, but to reach out to people who need help. And hope.

We win when we LIVE UNITED. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And by inspiring individuals to join the fight against their community’s most daunting social crises. So who are the hand raisers, the game changers? They’re people who know that at the core of every human being is a desire to do good. People who recognize the power that comes from a shared purpose. People who understand they’re always stronger together than they are alone. People like you. We are part of a network of nearly 1,800 United Ways in 41 countries and territories. But the place that needs you most is right here. So raise your hand if you’re ready to be a game changer. We have one life. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.