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Leadership Giving

The Leadership Giving Program

The Leadership Giving Program was created for those who are committed to advancing the common good in south Wood and Adams Counties.  Leadership Givers provide passion and inspirational leadership that enables United Way to drive real change.

The Leadership Giving Program:

  • Recognizes exceptional gifts
  • Involves new and influential leadership
  • Encourages increased personal giving

In 2017, 237 Leadership Givers donated $221,856.36 which is 36% of the United Way campaign.  You are invited to lead the effort and become a cornerstone in building stronger local communities!

You can become a member simply by donating to United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties (click here).  Combined household gifts of $500+ qualify.

Our 2017 Leadership Givers

$10,000 +

1 anonymous


Patricia and Gary Fischer
Dr. Roger and June Newman
Richard and Barbara Pavelski
1 anonymous


Dale Bikowski
Daniel J. Bikowski
Scott and Ann Blanke
John and Toni Culhane
Jere and Teri Johnson
Gary and Martha Wilhorn
Jerome and Susan Wirtz


Gail Amacher
David and Sharon Bruha
Don and DaNita Carlson
Henry and Theresa Chao
John and Sandy Clark
Groff and Lila Collett
Josh and Nikki Dhein
Terrence and Kim Dolan
Shayne Frazier
Donald and Marlene Gasch
Jim and Janet Giese
JoAnn Grode
Len and Mary Ironside
Randy and Tari Jahns
Richard J. Kenney
Dan and Sharon Kleinhans
Greg and Brenda Krings
Lloyd and Diedre LaCasse III
Rick and Mary Merdan
Darlene Rause - In Memory of Thomas Rause
Vicky Slater - In Memory of Carl Wartman
Scott Sullivan
Brenda Van DeLoop
Eric and Tonya Wangen
Tom and Pattie Weidman
Doug and Anne Wenzlaff
9 anonymous


Don and Joan Allen
Debra Beadle
Randal and Margie Dorshorst
Doug and Stefanie Drexler
Scott and Deb Edwards
Mathew Fischer
Charles Glodowski
Sandra Gregg
Kristopher Johnson
David and Amy Joosten
Eugene R. Krutza
Jeffery Kulick and Cynthia Henke
Denise LaMarche
Chris Lessig
William and Carol Metcalf
Gregory Nettesheim
Amanda Pryne
Julanne Ranek-Stoltz
Dave and Renee Rosenthal
Tyler and Rona Rossier-Abel
Allen and Gail Schultz
Rochelle Smolarek
John and Judy Steele
Craig V. Timm
Michael and Kelli Trzinski
Dr. Thomas Voelker
Terry and Amy Whitmore
Jill Winkler
6 anonymous


Michael and Karen Abbott
Jim and Stacey Abbott
Barbara Albrecht
Kathleen Arendt
Gary and Susan Back
Al and Pam Bardole
Andy Barnett
John Barrette
Tina Bartram
Dean and Jill Benjamin
Scott Bentley
Arthur Bernhardt
Mark Birkhauser
Kelly Borchardt
Sylvain Bricault
Craig Broeren
Matthew and Maureen Bronson
Jamie Bruhn
Bob and Sue Budjac
Todd Burch
Tom and Patti Cahill
Brian Caldwell
David Carder
David and Bernadette Carolfi
Mary Jo Carson
John Cattanach
Linda Cerling
Rev. Jake and Joy Close
AmySue Coulthurst
Tom and Carol Davis
Jason and Kelly Deitz Family
Bev Dhein
Bruce Diggles
Wendy Eron
Herbert Fergison
Amy Fluno
Jessica Fox
Dorothy Freiman
Jon and Jennifer Gause
Jerry Gebert
Charles and Gayle Gibbons Family Advised Fund through Incourage
Wayne Glen
LeAnn Gotz
Brad and Mary Gustin
Greg and Amy Hartjes
Phil and Ann Hartley
George Hathaway DDS
Vivian R. Heidmann
Susan Henke
Mike Herzberg
Kurt and Kim Heuer
Carl and Pamela Hilke
Ken and Diane Hill
Jan Hillyer
Justin Huebner
Mr. and Mrs. H. Maxwell Hughson
Leanne Jeffrey
Michelle Jensen
Troy and Tamera Jepson
Keith and Erin Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Chad Kane
Melissa Karcher
Kevin Kazianka
Marcia Knapp
Mr. & Mrs. Glenwood Knorr
Kevin Koehler
Bob and Dr. Bonita Kolrud
Gary and Christine Kryshak
Brian Krzykowski
Allan Kubisiak
Tom and Angela Loucks
Leo and Bonnie Lynch
Jamey and Kelly Lysne
Paul and Tommie Mann
Ronald and Deborah McCabe
Paul McDonald
Pat and Kathy McGrath
Janet McLaughlin
Ronald Miller
Dr. Shelly Mondeik
Paul and Jennifer Morrison
Vicki Mullins
Dominick Murphy
Brent Nelson
Dawn Neuman
Dave and Wendy Newsom
Roxane Nordbeck
Duane and Valerie Nygaard
John and Kristine O`Day
Ashley O’Keefe
Daniel O’Toole
Jeanne Olson
Peter and Lisa Olson
Kurt Patz
Kory Paukner
Nicole Pemble
Mark and Katie Peters
Diane Reetz
Thomas and Melissa Reichert
Michael Richmond
Bruce and Debra Rokke
Louie and Libby Rosandick
Pam Ross
Rick and Shamaine Rustad
Earle and Penny Sellhausen
James and Iris Shewchuk
Susan Sippel
Mike and Julie Spalding
Christopher and Shelly Spranger
Don and Margaret Sprise
Christine Staven
Jeremy and Wendy Staven
Tim, Carrie, and Shelby Steinke
Fred and Shelley Stich
Aaron and Emily Stieve
Jason and Kelly Stroik
Mark and Karen Swenson
Peter and Nan Taylor
Ethan Tonn
Larry and Nancy Turba
Gerald M. Voelker, DDS and Teri Voelker
James Waelchli
Mitchell Wayne
Greg and Linda Weinfurter
James and Nancy Wenzlaff
Keith Wilkes
Linda Woloschek-Greenberg
Chuck and Sharon Zeman
Nicole Zimny
Robert Zueger
21 anonymous