Adams County Success Stories


These stories have been provided to us by the 2019 United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties Partner Programs.  Names have been changed to preserve the identities of the subjects.  Please feel free to use these stories for any promotional pieces you may have, such as newsletters, emails, payroll stuffers, etc.


Adams-Friendship Area School District – Community Learning Center (CLC)

This story is not just of one student but multiple that continue to thank me for taking them on field trips through the school year. Since COVID-19 many students are not getting to get out and about as much. The students are always telling me that their family just stays home now and that this is the first time they got to go somewhere. I have also had parents personally thank me for planning the trips because in our permission slips we put in what guidelines we are following when we go on these trips. The students, parents and staff feel safe going to the trips we plan and feel appreciative that they can participate in them. In this new world we have, I like the fact we can still provide an experience for our students.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Crisis Rental Assistance

2020 provided multiple challenges for everyone. We worked together even more, for the betterment of our community and to provide for those greatly affected by COVID-19. United Way funds were utilized to help a household that was displaced by a fire. This tragic event happened in December 2020. The family lost everything, including some pets. Without United Way funds, they would have been out in the cold or would have had to travel many miles back and forth to settle all the necessities. Your generosity helped them stay in Adams during this very stressful time, allowing the client to work through the rubble and to find a new place to rent while still having a safe place to come back to each night. United Way of South Wood and Adams Counties provides peace of mind and helps households build stability and future success.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Food Pantry

In November 2020 COVID-19 affected our food pantry. Three of our volunteers tested positive for the virus and we had to close the pantry. Everyone had to be tested, closure signs had to be put up and the radio station notified to get information out to our clients. We worked with Adams County Health and Human Services on the necessary steps and when we could open again.
Our clients were so understanding.  The Pantry Manager forwarded the pantry phone to her home and calls came pouring in on how the volunteers were doing, and of course, when the pantry would open. The day we opened, there were lines of cars waiting for food. That day we served over 100 families. 
On that day, a man came to our door in tears. He saw news coverage on TV with the line of cars.  He did not realize the need in our community; he did not think it was “like that here.” He gave us a monetary donation. We are truly blessed with wonderful volunteers and donors, especially United Way. With your help we are able to provide food to our clients, which is especially needed during this pandemic.


Faith In Action Adams County – Transportation Today

(Names changed to protect identity)
For the past year, Faith in Action has provided Bob with transportation to the grocery store, food pantry and laundry, along with a little help around his home.  The Aging and Disability Resource Center assisted Bob with transportation to medical appointments.  Bob’s health suddenly changed and he needed medical transportation outside of the county three times per week for several weeks.  Due to a staff shortage, the ADRC could not accommodate all of Bob’s medical transportation needs. Working together with the ADRC and coordinating our volunteers, we were able to get Bob to all of his much needed medical treatments and we are happy to report that he’s doing much better.  Bob can't say enough about his volunteer who goes above and beyond for him.

Faith In Action Adams County – Volunteer Coordination

(Name changed to protect identity)
Mary has been a care receiver of Faith in Action for about two years now. Mary and her husband have several health issues so they need help with light housekeeping.  Mary and her Faith In Action volunteer, Sally, hit it off right from the start. As fate would have it, both are retired nurses. After Sally finished with her housekeeping, the two of them would sit and chat over a cup of coffee.  About a year ago, Mary's husband passed away. Soon after, Sally's husband also passed. Mary became very lonely and depressed and was so grateful for her volunteer. The two of them were comfort for each other


Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes – Adams County

Though the troop at Adams Friendship is only meeting virtually, they’ve had a successful and engaging year so far. In one of their meetings, they learned different cooking skills. Their leader taught them how to make tacos and build ice cream sundaes. One of the older Girl Scouts showed girls how to make fresh squeezed lemonade. Girls cooked dinner and later their families joined them for a meal together on Zoom. It was a huge success!


Samoset Council Boy Scouts – Adams County

Testimonial from Mary Boyd, Outreach Specialist that runs Pack 100. The Pack has 37 youth members.
"I have been working with the children of Adams school district, going into my 9th year. We started out the year working on our Bobcat badge, and from there, have worked on so many fun projects, the most recent making bird feeders for our furry friends.  We’re in the process of completing regatta boats with a race scheduled for February 1st. Future projects will include the children making airplanes and kites weather permitting."
It was a great success that we were able to continue the in person meetings with Pack 100 in a safe manner. It is good for the kids’ mental health to work on projects and learn together. The kids are learning how to live by a moral code and gaining outdoor skills like knot tying and construction.