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Adams County Success Stories


These stories have been provided to us by the 2018 United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties Partner Programs.  Names have been changed to preserve the identities of the subjects.  Please feel free to use these stories for any promotional pieces you may have, such as newsletters, emails, payroll stuffers, etc.


Adams-Friendship Area School District – Community Learning Center (CLC)

“Ivy” has a lot of behavioral issues at home and at school. Her parents enrolled her in the CLC after-school program because her mother worked late and no one would be home after school. Knowing she already struggled with behaviors during the school day the staff knew they needed to engage her in a different way. The teachers identified that she was interested in knitting and helping others, so she joined the knitting club. When she started this group she flourished and her attitude changed. Now she participates in every field trip and is eager to learn new things. During the school day she has shown growth in all subject areas and is beginning to be a great leader. The staff looks forward to seeing how she continues to develop.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Crisis Rental Assistance

“Renee,” a mother with a teenage son and a teenage daughter, lost her husband and ended up living in a small local motel. Staying at the motel was not safe for the family as the police were often called and they could smell the aroma of illegal marijuana. The children were also struggling with emotional issues over their dad's death. “Renee” received Social Security benefits from the death of her husband, so she tried very hard to help her children cope and have a normal life. With the assistance of United Way funds, “Renee” and her children were able to move into a safe, affordable apartment they can call their own. This allows for the teenagers to have their own rooms and “Renee” has a kitchen where she can cook healthy meals and work toward normalcy. The family is doing well now, thanks to United Way's assistance.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Food Pantry

Last summer, there was a fire at a local motel where many low-income households were living. Unfortunately, this fire displaced the families and destroyed their belongings. Many community organizations came together to assist these families. The Adams County Food Pantry was able to provide food for five of the displaced families so they did not have to worry about food insecurity in addition to finding replacement housing. It is a blessing to be able to provide this valuable and necessary service to the Adams County community.


Faith In Action Adams County – Transportation Today

“Jake” has been a long time client of Faith in Action of Adams County. “Jake” calls the office twice a month for rides to the food pantry, grocery store and laundry facility. “Jake” normally rides with “Kurt,” however “Kurt” recently had surgery and was unable to help.  Luckily Faith in Action has other volunteers who can help.  “Jake” is a very sweet individual and was happy to have other volunteers take care of his transportation needs while “Kurt” recovered. Later, “Jake” was happy to find out that “Kurt” would be returning to volunteering. This transportation service allows “Jake” to get out and be active, but it also serves him by creating long-term social relationships with caring volunteers. “Jake” has no family and would otherwise have much difficulty getting transportation without this program.


Faith In Action Adams County – Volunteer Coordination

Faith In Action was contacted by the daughters of “Larry.” They were concerned that he was not as social as he had been previously. The staff spoke with “Larry” and found out he was interested in having a volunteer visit with him. A volunteer named “Maggie” and a staff person visited with “Larry” at his home last November. “Larry” enjoys visiting, hunting, playing cribbage, and reminiscing. “Maggie” was a perfect match for “Larry,” because she has similar interests. “Maggie” inquired if “Larry” had plans for Thanksgiving, and found that he did not because his daughters would not be in town. “Maggie” invited “Larry” to her Thanksgiving dinner, which he accepted. Weeks later, “Maggie” showed the staff photos of the event and said “Larry” had enjoyed the day. Now, “Maggie” makes regular visits with “Larry.”  They occasionally go to lunch together and she frequently drops off meals for him. She even calls him every week to check in. “Larry’s” daughters lead very busy lives and can’t be there as much as they wish they could. Recently, one of the daughters called the office and said “Maggie” was a Godsend and a wonderful person. She was so grateful that “Maggie” was there for her father and that “Maggie” kept in touch with her and her sister on a regular basis to let them know how things were going. “Maggie” and “Larry” are an example of how important it is to have volunteers in the community and how the simple act of a visiting a friend can change someone’s life, and give peace of mind to a family.


Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes – Adams County

Last September, local leaders and troops were gearing up for the new Girl Scout year. To build upon that enthusiasm, Girl Scouts staff were invited to do presentations to girls in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. An area-wide registration night followed. A young girl and her mother arrived ready to join a troop. The mother shared that Girl Scouts was the first thing her daughter had asked to be a part of; and that she struggled with anxiety and found it difficult to socialize with others. Now the daughter enjoys her new troop! Today she is active in meetings and has made new friends.


Samoset Council Boy Scouts – Adams County

Twice a year the Boy Scouts sends out program quality surveys to youth, parents and volunteers. These surveys are an excellent tool to gather direct feedback on programing. The following quotes were taken from the most recent survey results. The quotes give a glimpse into the impact that Scouting is making in the lives of youth in the community.

Youth Comments: 

  • "You get to do fun things and go on field trips. Boy Scouts helps you learn and get creative."
  • "Scouting brings you closer to new people and creates memories that will last a lifetime."

Parent Comments:

  • "I value the life lessons and experiences promoted by the Scouting program."
  • "In Cub Scouts the boys have an opportunity to do things they might not do if they weren't in Scouts."

Volunteer Comments:

  • "It is a rewarding experience for the boys and adults alike. I think everyone gets something out of it."
  • "Having grown up in a scouting family and having made the choice to be in the Scouting program 30 years ago, I have been a staunch supporter after seeing the difference Scouting makes in a person's life."