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Adams County Success Stories


These stories have been provided to us by the 2019 United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties Partner Programs.  Names have been changed to preserve the identities of the subjects.  Please feel free to use these stories for any promotional pieces you may have, such as newsletters, emails, payroll stuffers, etc.


Adams-Friendship Area School District – Community Learning Center (CLC)

We have a student who has attended our after school program until January.  In January she had to attend a mental health program in the Wisconsin Rapids area to help some of her mental health issues. Typically when a student does not attend our after school program, they do not attend our field trips. Since this is a special situation, we allowed the student to attend the field trips.  On the last trip of the year (Brewers Trip), the student came to me and other staff and told us how much she appreciates being able to attend the trips.  Part of our goal is to build relationships with the students and let them know that there are adults in their lives other than their parents who care about them. Allowing her to attend the field trips showed her that. The goal for her next year is to be back at the school full time and attend both the after school program and field trips.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Crisis Rental Assistance

United Way and its willingness to collaborate and partner has been extremely beneficial to the Adams County area. Recipients of United Way funds meet and share their ideas, resources and needs. Because we work together, struggling families have received help they may not have realized was available. Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. also received funds from the National Exchange Bank that we could utilize in Adams County to assist households with any needs. With the combined funds, CWCAC assisted 37 adults and 27 children, (26 households) in the first six months of 2019. Assistance was provided to prevent eviction, house the homeless, provide emergency auto repair, assistance with utilities and for a license reinstatement so the person could get to work and maintain housing. Over seven thousand dollars of assistance was provided to Adams County residents through the CWCAC Crisis assistance program. Thankful families and individuals have stable housing and the ability to maintain their stability with employment thanks to generous programs like United Way. This program has a very positive impact on the Adams County Community.


Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc. – Food Pantry

Adams Food Pantry continues to receive many thank you's and expressions of gratitude for all of the help and support provided by the volunteers to our customers. This past year, we added the federal Senior Stock Box program. Seniors age 60 plus, who qualify, also receive a separate box of food from the Senior Stockbox Program each month. They are very grateful for this additional food as they are on a fixed income. In June of 2019, there were 97 Senior Stockboxes distributed. This is the highest number given out in Central Wisconsin Community Action Council, Inc.'s five county area, demonstrating the need for additional food resources. This also shows the senior population is high in Adams County.


Faith In Action Adams County – Transportation Today

We recently had a care receiver, Mary (name change to protect privacy), with no local family or friends, that had to be relocated into an Assisted Living Facility. Three of our wonderful volunteers packed up belonging that Mary could take with her and moved her into her new home.  Currently these same volunteers continue to pack up the rest of Mary’s home and get it ready to be sold.  These volunteers are going above and beyond for our community members and put many, many miles on their vehicles.  Thanks to our United Way Transportation Today Grant, we are at least able to reimburse them for a portion of their gasoline expenses.


Faith In Action Adams County – Volunteer Coordination

Penny (names changed to protect privacy) has been a Faith In Action volunteer care giver since 2014. During this time she has been a care giver to an elderly couple in their 80's with no family living in Wisconsin. John was confined to a local nursing home facility for approximately the last year of his life. During this time Penny transported his wife, Lou, to visit him approximately three times per week, with each trip being approximately 22 miles in length. In addition, at times when Lou was ill and could not visit the nursing home, Penny would go and visit with John to provide him with companionship and support.  Penny also transported John from the nursing home to his primary care physicians at Marshfield Clinic.

John passed away in early June of this year. When this happened Penny assisted Lou with the funeral arrangements helping to select such things as music and scriptures for the service. In addition Penny stayed with Lou at her home for three (3) nights to provide Lou with a comforting presence and to provide assistance as needed.  Since John's passing Penny has continued to assist Lou. She calls Lou daily to follow up with any needs she might have, provide a friendly voice to talk with and also transports Lou to her medical appointments.


Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes – Adams County

Adams and Marquette troops had the highest percentage of troops participate in weekend of service compared to any other central service unit with over 60% troop participation. The weekend of service project was to honor the lives tragically lost in Troop 3055 last November in Chippewa Falls. To make the world a better place and to honor that troop, Girl Scouts from across our Council and the country completed acts of service during one weekend in May. Adams troop 6187 in particular spent the weekend working on an environmental stewardship project at their school. Girls learned about worms, composting, how to weed and help plants grow on top of planting a garden.


Samoset Council Boy Scouts – Adams County

We have been steadily increasing our outreach programs over the past several years. This year in 2019 we focused on getting youth in our outreach programs bussed up to camp for a few days. We have successfully registered 5 youth and 4 adults for a summer camp experience this July. We are offering the program at no cost and providing transportation as well. We are so excited to provide this awesome opportunity to youth and families in Adams County. Youth and parents from Adams County will be creating life long memories this summer at camp.