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Funding Application Instructions and FAQs


2019/2020 Application Instructions and FAQ

Thank you for your interest in applying for funding from United Way of Inner Wisconsin.  Please follow the instructions carefully.  Our volunteers need clear, concise and complete information to enable them to review your request.  For more information about the application process, call  Emily Stieve at 715-421-0390 or email  For technical questions about this form, please contact Angela Loucks.

  1. Completed application and uploaded supporting documentation must be submitted to United Way of Inner Wisconsin by February 8, 2018 by 4:00 pm.
  2. You may bring supplemental information such as brochures or newsletters to the program presentations; do not include with funding request.
  3. Be clear, concise and complete.
  4. ALL must be completed online - no paper applications or supporting documnetation will be accepted.
  5. If you are applying for funding for multiple programs, complete the online application for each program.
  6. Maximum available allocation to one agency is $61,000.00.
  7. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered


We use a two-year funding cycle.

  • Those programs which address Income and Safety Net Services will apply in 2018 for 2019-2020 funding.
  • Those programs which address Education and Health will apply in 2019 for 2020-2021 funding. 
  • The grant will be for the same amount each year.  We do reserve the right to only offer one year of funding if there are significant questions or deficiencies within the program.
  • Quarterly reporting is still required from all programs.
  • All programs must stay in good standing following the agency agreement – i.e. paperwork completed in a timely manner, and agree to have someone from your agency present to represent your program at a minimum of 75% of the coalition meetings in the strategy area you are applying under.  All coalition meeting dates, for each of the strategy areas, are listed on


  • Release of Funding Application – January 11, 2018
  • Application Submission Deadline – February 8, 2018 by 4:00 pm
  • Program Presentations – Week of March 12, 2018
  • Notice to Agencies – May 2018
  • Mandatory Agreement Meeting – June 2018


1.  What is a “health or human service agency?”

Those whose principal objective is to improve conditions necessary to achieve fundamental physical, social and/or psychological well being.  We will consider funding health and human service programs of agencies with other principal objectives, as long as the health or human service impact is clear.

2.  What is the Program Budget?

We fund specific programs or services for which the impact can be clearly identified, rather than providing general agency funding.  Some very small agencies may have just one program.  In that case your Program Budget may be your entire agency budget.  For multi-county agencies, the budget should reflect only services to be provided in the United Way of Inner Wisconsin service area.  Agencies applying for funding for more than one program should fill out the Application form for each program.

3.  What period should I use for the Budget Years?

We are requesting 12 month period – what does it take to operate this program for one year.

4.  Why is some of the information requested in more than one place?

The redundancy is intentional.  It makes it easier for the volunteers to quickly review a number of applications.  Thanks for your understanding.

5.  What geographic area does United Way of Inner Wisconsin fund?

We support services provided in Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa, Port Edwards, Vesper, Rudolph and all of Adams County.  For multi-county agencies, the proposed outputs and outcomes, as well as the budget, should reflect only those services provided locally.

6.  What are the funding priorities?

Our focus areas for this funding cycle are: Income and Safety Net Services.

Priority Outcomes:

  • Financial Stability – Community members learn skills to become financially independent.

Priority Outcomes:

  • Emergency Shelter - Community members have access to shelter.
  • Emergency Food - Community members have access to food.

7.    How much will United Way fund?

We are unlikely to fund the full cost of any program and expect agencies to have other funding sources.

8.    How will our application be evaluated?

EVALUATION CRITERIA – Review panel members will use the following criteria for reviewing proposals.

  • COMMUNITY NEED:  Does the program address a recognized health and human service need in our community?  Is the need consistent with the United Way of Inner Wisconsin mission and Funding Priorities?  How serious is the program?
  • IMPACT:  How well does the program demonstrate a meaningful linkage between community needs, program activities and outcomes?  Will the program provide a meaningful volume of services and/or people served?  Will United Way funding make a difference?
  • ABILITY AND EVALUATION:  Does the agency have a history of reliability?  Are there adequate staff and resources to conduct this program?  Does the program plan seem sound?  Are clear goals and objectives written?  Are measurable outcomes evident?  How well does the agency/program demonstrate the ability to deliver and measure proposed outcomes?
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT:  Is the financial information presented clearly and accurately?  Does the agency have a balanced budget?  Does the agency have adequate reserves?  Is there diversified funding?  Is other funding available?  Will funds requested from United Way of Inner Wisconsin support direct client services?  Are overhead expenses a reasonable percentage of the total?