Start a Campaign

Give your employees the opportunity to support United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties by holding a United Way Campaign.  Your campaign can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be. Some companies hand out pledge cards and collect them at the end of the day. Some do one-on-one asks with each employee. Some hold an employee meeting and invite a speaker (arranged by United Way). Others are elaborate with special events and giveaways.

  1. Your first step is to decide when you will have your campaign and what it will be like.  During the months of September and October, when is a good time?  Will your campaign be two weeks long? One week? Three days? One day?  Will you have giveaways? Events? Keep it short and sweet?
  2. Select an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) to be in charge of your campaign. Will it be you? An office manager? Human resources director? If you have a larger campaign you might want a committee.
  3. Tell us how many employees you have so we can prepare a campaign kit for you.
  4. Decide if you will offer payroll deduction. If so, you’ll need to touch base with your payroll department. Remember - your campaign will be more successful if payroll deduction is an option.
  5. Have your ECC and/or committee attend our Campaign Volunteer Training. If that is not possible a United Way staff person will conduct a personal training.
  6. SHOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM! When you decide to hold a United Way campaign, you obviously care about our communities; share that with your employees - your attitude is contagious!

How can a United Way Campaign Benefit my Business or Organization?

A United Way Campaign Benefits Your Business!

  • It’s great PR for your organization! You will gain positive visibility for your organization. All companies who donate/raise $500 or more are annually recognized as our Community Cornerstone Partners.
  • Retain and grow your customer base. Your customers want to do business with a company that makes a positive impact on the community!
  • Receive a free staff training - when you sign up for our “Campaign Volunteer Training” (held annually in August). Benefits include improved employee communications, customer relations and leadership skills, and networking opportunities. 

 A United Way Campaign Benefits Your Employees!

  • Improves teamwork! United Way campaigns increases camaraderie, improves morale and builds relationships in your workplace.
  • Increased knowledge of community services. Every day, more and more people are accessing a United Way Partner Program for the first time - possibly some of your employees and their families. A campaign provides them with information about services that are available.
  • Reduce their personal tax liability. It’s convenient for your employees to make a tax deductible contribution through payroll deduction or online pledging.

 A United Way Campaign Benefits The Community!

  • We ALL benefit when... a child succeeds in school, when families have good health and are financially stable.
  • You make an impact! Community impact is engaging community and agency partners to work together to create lasting change and improve the lives of not just program recipients but the community as a whole. We accomplish this through our work through our Partner Programs, internal programs and projects, collaborative efforts and by getting involved in community initiatives.