Homelessness Coalition


GOAL:  Community members have access to shelter.


“DC” came to NCCAP after receiving an eviction notice from friends she was staying with. She and her husband were in the process of getting divorced, during which she and her daughter had been staying with the friends. The friends were dealing with medical issues and it was difficult for them to have extra people in the home. The friends were very upset and D.C. was concerned where she and her child would go because she had recently been laid off due to COVID-19. D.C. also has medical issues that limit the type of housing she can access. An NCCAP case manager worked with D.C. and a local landlord to find an affordable rental property that was accessible to D.C. and her child. NCCAP was able to use United Way funds to assist with first month’s rent to get into the property. NCCAP also connected her with multiple community resources to get the home furnished. NCCAP recently completed a 12 week follow up and D.C. is happy in her home and able to maintain the rental payments.


  • 264 children and 147 adults received services from Homelessness Coalition partners in 2020.
  • Our 2-1-1 Call Center answered 6,686 calls in 2020.  The second biggest need was information about housing and shelter with 1,245 calls. 
  • 944 people received emergency housing assistance. 

Source:  Homelessness Coalition, UWSWAC’s Volunteer Center, United Way’s 2-1-1


  • In 2020, United Way grants helped local shelter programs serve 944 people with rental assistance, avoiding eviction and case managment services in south Wood and Adams Counties. 
  • 86 domestic violence victims were provided a safe place to stay in 2020.
  • In 2020, the fifth biggest need experienced by our 2-1-1 Call Center is information about utility assistance, with 483 calls.

Source:  UWSWAC Partner Program, UWSWAC Partner Program, United Way’s 2-1-1