Financial Stability Coalition

GOAL:  Community members learn skills to become financially independent.


A family of four with two children, ages three and four, were facing many family challenges. The parents work, go to school, study, spend quality time with their children, and try their best to make ends meet financially. After learning about Scholarship Aid from their child care provider, the family contacted Childcaring to apply for Scholarship Aid to help with some of their child care expenses.

The mother is enrolled in college in a Nursing program. With attending classes, studying, and spending quality time with the children, she is able to work part-time but the hours are limited and only provides enough income to pay for transportation expenses and some groceries.  The father works full-time for a company that requires him to work out of town. His schedule has him leaving as early as 4:30 am and not returning until 6:00 pm most days, with some days requiring him to stay overnight. He is home on the weekends, which allows for the mother to pick up additional work hours while the father spends quality time with the children. Although the father works full-time, it isn’t enough to pay all the expenses and the family faces the struggle to figure out how to afford child care.

The children attend a local child care center and absolutely love it. They enjoy making new friends, doing different activities and learning new things. The family does not want the children to miss out on all the benefits this care has to offer.  The family was concerned about having to juggle another job on the weekends or sacrifice the opportunity for the mother to go to school. The family applied for and received a Scholarship Aid award. This funding alleviated some financial stress, helped support family time together, and kept the children in consistent care where they feel more secure.



  • 80 high school students from six school districts competed in the Finance & Investment Challenge Bowl in 2021.
  • 647 south Wood County youth received free school supplies during the Stuff the Bus/Desk Event in 2021. 
  • In 2021, 25 tax filers in south Wood and Adams Counties used MyFreeTaxes to file for free, receiving an average refund of $2,205.

Source:  Financial Stability Coalition, United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties, Financial Stability Coalition


  • ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed. The ALICE Report is a means to define and understand the individuals and families working hard but not earning enough to afford basic living needs. 
  • 32% of Wood County households and 43% of Adams County households are considered ALICE.
  • With rising healthcare costs, seniors are the largest growing segment of ALICE households. 39% of Wood County seniors and 47% of Adams County seniors live below the ALICE threshold. 
  • Unable to save, ALICE households may be one expected expense or emergency away from spiraling into poverty. 

Source:  United Way of Wisconsin ALICE Report 2018, Financial Stability Coalition, Financial Stability Coalition