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Financial Stability Coalition

Who We Are

Financial Institutions, business leaders, schools, government agencies, non-profits and other community members are working on strategies to accomplish this coalition’s goal, “Community members learn skills to become financially independent.” The coalition has been researching financial programming and other coalitions from around the state. In addition to this research, the coalition has also invited programs that provide financial stability resources/education here in our community to the table for this work. Throughout 2018, the coalition will be working on the following items in order as they have been identified by the coalition to get us closer to achieving our goal:

  • Increase education (Personal Finance)
  • Increase awareness of Finances, advocacy and this coalition
  • Increase awareness of Financial-based education/ Educational resources already available in our community
  • Increase participation of community at coalition meetings
  • Increase Financial Rights (knowing what your rights are, Ex: if there is an issue with your credit history, what you can do to fix it)

Anyone in the community who has an interest in the work of this coalition is always encouraged and invited to join us for this work.

Did You Know...

  • Financial Institutions, non-profits, municipalities, financial coaches, and local schools are working together to come up with strategies for community members to learn skills to become financially independent.
  • United Way of Wisconsin published the A.L.I.C.E. (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) report in the summer of 2016 to provide awareness of the financial stress that working families around the state face.
  • Coalition members have donated time to work with students at a local alternative high school to help answer questions and provide mentoring to youth about budgeting and other financial education topics.
  • 473 books were distributed to children at the 2018 Children’s Festival and 125 financial stability surveys were completed.
  • 66 community members utilized MyFreeTaxes to file their 2017 State and Federal returns. Average refund amount was $1,669.00.