South Wood County Hunger Coalition

GOAL:  Community members have access to food.


A Kindergarten student's family uses FOCUS Family Backpacks. One week, the volunteer who packs and distributes the backpacks at the school level was unavailable at the last minute, so the backpacks were packed and distributed by school staff and went out later than usual. The student was packing his gear for the end of the day and was out in the hall at the same time as school staff was about to drop off his meal. She saw the student check his cubby area, look for his meal, and burst into tears. He was so worried that he wasn't going to be able to bring his meal home that day. The school staff quickly gave him his meal backpack and reassured him that he would be getting the meal that day. The student immediately calmed down and smiled as he received his backpack meal.


  • Many ALICE households,despite struggling financially, do not qualify for FoodShare benefits due to their income.
  • United Way’s investment in partner programs means food programs in south Wood and Adams Counties have the resources and support to help ALICE families in times of need.
  • In 2023, partner programs & Hunger Coalition partners provided community members access to food over 61,000 times.
  • Nearly 1/3 of financially struggling households report not having enough food for their children to eat.
  • United Way helps ALICE families keep food on the table by investing in backpack programs which provide families with ingredients for weekend meals.
  • 1,128 families received weekend meals through backpack meal programs in 2023.
  • 7,964 pounds of food were donated to local food programs from United We Can in 2023.
  • 8,830 individuals received access to food from Adams County partner programs in 2023.
  • Over 22,925 pounds of food was provided to seniors with financial need through the Stockboxes program in 2023.
  • Over 100 volunteers made an impact through Stockboxes, United We Can, and the Hunger Coalition in 2023.

Source:  Hunger Coalition, Hunger Coalition, UWSWAC Partner Program





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