Supportive Community Health Services

GOAL:  Improving quality of life for a specific population with an identified need.


We have a senior couple (asking us not to use their names), who started at the Y with our Membership for All program. The wife is battling stage 4 cancer, and wanted to use the Y to help in her battle. Medical costs for cancer are significant, so having the ability to adjust our rates to meet her family’s financial needs was crucial. It wasn't long after joining that the wife signed up for our Livestrong program, which is a free program offered to those battling cancer. This 12 week program allows this couple to work together, with the support from Livestrong members, to keep battling this terrible disease. Once the 12 week program is completed, they will again be part of our MFA program, so the Y can continue to support this couple and their journey.


  • 54% of Wood County senior households and 47% of Adams County senior households struggle financially with income below the ALICE Threshold. 
  • United Way’s investment in partner programs helps seniors access the care and support they need – meaning they can retain a high quality of life while living independently as long as possible.
  • 1,411 Seniors in south Wood & Adams Counties received support services through partner programs to improve their quality of life in 2023.
  • Access to basic care can be a challenge for individuals with limited health care coverage, like many ALICE households.
  • United Way’s investment helps sustain programs who meet health needs of underserved populations – meaning improved access to care and increased quality of life.
  • 665 Individuals received dental treatment through a partner program in 2023.
  • In 2023, south Wood and Adams County residents saved $66,454 on prescription costs using SingleCare. 
  • Over 11,000 Help Guides were distributed in south Wood and Adams Counties in 2024.
  • 4,260 individuals received access to programs and services to improve physical fitness and well being in 2023.
  • Over 450 volunteers made an impact through Day of Caring and the Supportive Community Health Services Roundtable in 2023.

Source:, United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties, UWSWAC’s Volunteer Center


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