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Supportive Community Health Services

GOAL:  Improving quality of life for a specific population with an identified need.


Amanda called a local free dental clinic at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon from the ER.  Her seven-year-old daughter had a toothache with infection, and Amanda couldn’t find a local dental clinic that took Medicaid.  This program saw Amanda’s daughter right away.  The girl was in a lot of pain and was very scared.  This program recommended the girl take antibiotics for the swelling until they could remove the tooth.  The dentist opened the clinic on a day they are normally closed so they could treat this girl in a timely manner.  Programs like these are important because children who are in pain can’t focus in school... and education is key to a successful future!  


  • Since 2008, south Wood and Adams Counties residents have saved $524,456 on prescription costs using FamilyWize.
  • 11,290 Help Guides were distributed in south Wood and Adams Counties in 2019.
  • 992 volunteers utilized the Volunteer Center to make a difference in the community in 2019.

Source:, United Way of South Wood & Adams Counties, UWSWAC’s Volunteer Center


  • 34 families received respite care services in 2018 through a United Way partner program.
  • 392 individuals were provided with clothing for a job interview or work clothes through a United Way partner program in 2018.
  • 105 children and adults with disabilities participated in equine assisted activities for free though a United Way partner program in 2018.

Source:  UWSWAC Partner Program, UWSWAC Partner Program, UWSWAC Partner Program